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Bridging Gaps is an international, virtual teaching agency dedicated to enhancing and unlocking learners’ desired potential.

Bridging Gaps’ provides highly-tailored, engaging and interactive services to learners of all backgrounds and ages delivered by certified, experienced professional teachers using industry-backed teaching philosophies and pedagogies to enhance and unlock learners’ desired potential.

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Spanish Immersion

Have you ever thought about learning Spanish for work? Have you ever thought about traveling to a Spanish-speaking country but worried about the language barrier? Has the presence Covid-19 got you interested in pursuing a new hobby? Do you want to be able to better communicate with Spanish speakers? Do you have friends who speak Spanish? Are you looking language-learning accountability? Do you know a young person in your life who you think could benefit from learning another language at an early age? Bridging Gaps’ Spanish Immersion is the service for you! Bridging Gaps’ Spanish Immersion assists learners of all ages to improve their Spanish reading, writing, comprehension and conversation skills.

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Statistics Coaching

Are you having trouble understanding statistics? Are you preparing for a work position requiring you to review statistical methods and programs? Do you just need to get through that one statistics class? Our Statistics Coaching includes academic support and tutoring for learners seeking services in secondary school (middle and high school) to doctoral level learners as well as learners seeking services outside of an academic institution. Our statistics coaches are specifically excellent at coaching undergraduate, graduate and doctoral learners seeking degrees in the Social Sciences and the Applied Social Sciences!

Academic Leadership

Are you looking for an afterschool tutor for a young person in your life? Are you looking for amoment of relief? Are you interested incorporating academic support and accountability in your young person’s weekly academic schedule? Bridging Gaps’ Academic Counseling offers individual and group services to young people from ages 6 – 18. Bridging Gaps’ General Education Coaching offers three packages: Homeschool and Afterschool General Education Tutoring Services, Advanced Homeschool and Afterschool General Education Tutoring Services and Career Coaching.

Back from School

Sierra Turner,

Sierra Turner is a bilingual educator from Chattanooga, Tennessee. The founder of Bridging Gaps, Sierra's passion involves helping individuals unlock their personal learning potential. As a former and current student, Sierra has experienced her educational up and downs. Today, she helps bring joy to students through teaching.

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